Resources are all of the items that is essential for me to mail letters to other people. Not everyone would have the same resources as I would. For example, I type my letters which means I need printer paper, and a printer. A person handwriting their letter may just as likely to handwrite the addresses on the envelopes. No one side is inefficient, but there are some differences. The following resources I have for writing letters.


I use US Standard #10 envelopes. This is the most common of envelopes and allows for paper to fit in it if the standard 8.5 × 11 page was folded in thirds. All of my envelopes are blank before going to the printer. When I set the application that I use to print the envelope, my address, the recipient’s address and postage (domestic mail) is printed on the envelope. I will then place a small piece of tape on the envelope flap to assure that it doesn’t open in transit.

Mailing Address

I have a residential address, but I do not give it out. I also live in a building with 88 households in it. There will be at least one thief. This seems apparent to me as I hadn’t received packages when sent to my mailing address. Because of this, I have a mailing address with the UPS Store. It isn’t convenient as I have to take a bus to go to my mailing address, but it is the best solution.

As with the metering service, I have to pay for the mailing address. The money for the payment comes out of my Cash Fund and is paid annually. I use a cash fund for every large or major purchases, and for someone earning $935/month, $360 is a significant charge.


I print my letters with that is mind, I need paper to load in my printer for it to function as it needs to. There is no way I could just use notebook paper for the pages. I have to use printer paper. As I run low on paper, I will acquire another ream of paper.


My handwriting is not the best. One would be able to see that when they see my signature at the end of their letter. With this in mind, I print my letters out. There is also another advantage of printing mail on a paper rather than writing, and that is content. I can typically print smaller than what someone writing their letter will do. This allows me to have more content to read on fewer pages. All letters are printed with a letterhead, and 11pt font size.


I did a trial of Stamps.Com for a month. With that trial period, they mailed me a 5lb scale for letters and to assure accurate postage for the weight of the letter. Most of my letters will fall in that 1oz weight, and standard postage will be the same.


I have shipping tape that I would use if I had to mail a package out. However, a piece of tape is placed on the envelope flap to keep the flap sealed while in transit. This tape will be close to the center of the flap, and just large enough to function properly. When I run out of tape, I will acquire more tape to continue the role it serves.